Here are the answers to some of the common questions we receive

Customer Service

How do I contact customer service?

You can fill out the online form on the Contact Us page and we will reply to you at the earliest convenience. The Customer Contact Centre business hours are 8:00am – 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You can shop without creating an account.

However, registering does have some benefits:

  • Track your orders and review past purchases
  • Request a return or exchange directly from your account
  • Receive exclusive promotions
  • Save your address and card details so you can shop even quicker next time

Please note: Emails from us may appear in your junk/spam folder.

I’ve forgotten my password – what should I do?

To reset your password, follow the 'FORGOTTEN PASSWORD' instructions on the SIGN IN page. Please note, for security reasons we are unable to send your old password via email.

Is there an option for delivery?

This online marketplace is a Click and Collect service only. If you would like delivery to be included in your quote, please use the Contact Us page and a Sales Representative will get in contact with you.

Can I change my order before I collect?

If your order has not yet been picked, we are more than happy to assist.

Please contact our customer service team urgently on the Contact Us page and we will process additional payment or refund differences at the earliest convenience.

I have not received an order confirmation

Order confirmations are emailed automatically to the email address provided when processing your order. It may appear in your junk/spam folder. If you have entered an incorrect email address and have not received our Order Confirmation – please Contact Us to update your details.

The items I want are out of stock

If there is an Out-of-stock note on the product you are after, please Contact Us to determine stock availability dates or to discuss alternative options.


Is GST included in the online web price?

Yes, all online prices include GST.

Can I purchase part of a pack or bundle?

No, minimum quantities are stipulated per product and where packs or bundles are applicable.

Why do some prices differ between online and office/depot based quotes, including walk-in (COD) sales?

Acrow Marketplace is an online store, where prices may be less than what is quoted by a sales rep/charged as a walk-in (COD) customer. Our online store is geared towards promoting a shift in purchasing behaviours for simple transactions, that involve little administrative interaction. We have designed this process accordingly and therefore are able to provide lower prices on a select range of products. All online prices include GST, whereas office/depot quoted prices will exclude GST. We encourage potential COD sales and walk-in clients to review online pricing to ensure you are getting the best prices based on your requirements.

You can purchase online, using Paypal, Credit Card or your approved Acrow Trading account and collect directly from the depot closest to you within the suggested time frame.


I no longer need/want the product I ordered and have not collected it yet.

Please review our Returns Policy.

I have collected my order and there is a faulty product.

Please review our Returns Policy.


What payment options are available?

• Paypal
• Credit card – applicable fees apply
• On account (completed and approved credit application - Contact Us to open a business account)

Do you have Afterpay or Zip Pay?

We do not yet have this as a payment option. If you are an existing Acrow Formwork & Scaffolding business account holder, you can pay according to these Account Terms and Conditions. If you are interested in opening a business account, please Contact Us .


Will my PO appear on my Tax invoice?

Yes, if you entered this online in the ordering process, this would appear on your Tax invoice.

Newsletter & Special Offers

How do I sign up to receive News and special offers?

Enter your details here to receive special offers and Newsletters.


What brand is the Scaffolding you sell?

We sell Quickstage Scaffolding which is HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanised) and meets all the relevant Australian standards and regulations.

Is Quickstage compatible with other scaffolding brands?

Yes, Quickstage is compatible with most other scaffold brands. Contact Us to confirm all compatible brands and receive a copy of the relevant confirmation of compatibility.

Are your products compliant with Australian standards?

Yes, please see list below in relation to the relevant Australian standards and Codes of practise for both scaffold and formwork products.

• AS/NZS 1576.1:2010 Scaffolding – General requirements
• AS/NZS 1576.2:2016 Scaffolding – Couplers and accessories
• AS/NZS 1576.3:1995 Scaffolding – Prefabricated and tube-and-coupler scaffolding
• AS/NZS 1576.6:2000 Scaffolding – Metal tube-and-coupler scaffolding – Deemed to comply with AS/NZS 1576.3
• AS 1577:2013 Scaffold planks
• AS 1657:2013 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation
• AS/NZS 4576:1995 Guidelines for scaffolding
• AS 4100:1998 Steel structures
• AS/NZS 1892.1:1996 Portable ladders – Metal
• AS 3610:1995 Formwork for concrete
• Scaffolding Code of Practice 2009
• Formwork Code of Practice 2016

Collection - Transport

What am I responsible for when collecting my order?

  1. Whilst Acrow will load the motor vehicle as supplied by the purchaser, the purchaser acknowledges that they are responsible for directing the loading and distribution of the purchased gear on and in the motor vehicle. Acrow reserves the right to refuse loading the motor vehicle if Acrow deems the motor vehicle as unsafe.
  2. The securing of the load on the motor vehicle shall be the responsibility of the purchaser
  3. The purchaser warrants that they are aware of national heavy vehicle regulations, applicable state legislation and local by laws in regard to motor vehicles and transporting of goods.
  4. The purchasers also acknowledge that on leaving Acrow premises the purchaser alone is responsible for the safe transport of purchased gear.
  5. The term the “purchaser” in clause 1-4 shall mean the purchaser or purchaser’s agents utilised for the transportation of said gear.

Using your Acrow Account to pay for your order

What is an Acrow Account?

An Acrow Account is an approved and active credit account with Acrow. This involves completing an Acrow Confidential Credit Application Form and the Personal Guarantee & Indemnity Agreement, signed, witnessed and returned to Acrow. By signing this form and agreement you agree to Acrow's Credit Account Terms and Conditions, Terms of Sale and Terms of Hire.

How do I pay for my order with an Acrow account?

To pay by Account, at Checkout, you have Secure payment options: "Credit Card or Paypal" & "On Account". Select "On Account" and then select "Pay now" to complete your order. Follow the prompts from this step.

How do I open an Acrow account?

If you do not have an Acrow Account and wish to open one, please Contact Us.

Indemnity & insurance

Indemnity and insurance

X.1 The purchaser indemnifies Acrow, its officers, employees and agents against all loss, damage, injury or expense that Acrow may sustain or incur as a result, whether directly or indirectly, of any breach of these terms and conditions , including any action or claim for alleged infringement of any patent, copyright, registered design, trademark or any other intellectual property rights.

Technical Assistance

I require technical assistance/engineering support, is this included in the purchase price?

Our prices listed do not include engineering design hours, however if you require technical assistance or want out find out more about our engineering design service please Contact Us.